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Bethany Cobb-Jones & Jessica Corral

Welcome to City Style Homes & Design

We are so excited to share our adventures in Real Estate with you.

In addition to being Professional Realtors, we also have a crazy passion and knowledge for Design. Whether it's Interior Design, Fashion Design or just having an appreciation for unique architecture. We are always looking outside the cookie cutter box of Real Estate for new inspiration to enhance our client's experience.

City Style brings you the latest tips and tricks for enhancing your home on a budget, preparing you with the best knowledge for buying or selling a home, and keeping you updated on the latest market trends and what's going on in your CITY!

Because of our passions in design, we have ALWAYS included free staging for all of our clients. Because we know the value of first impressions and getting your home "picture perfect" the day it hits the market to bring the most buyer traffic and ensure getting you the highest value.

And remember, we're never too busy for you so reach out with any questions or comments you have or just to say "Hi". We would love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more updates and we'll see you soon!


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